Owner, CF-L2, BS-Exercise Science


“I get the most satisfaction watching people grow physically, emotionally, and build confidence in themselves. If I can improve someone’s life outside of the gym, by what I teach inside the gym, I know I’ve been successful, and it’s so rewarding to watch.”



Owner, CF-L1, MS OT/L, Cert-ASD


“My favorite aspect of coaching is watching someone’s transformation, both physically and mentally, from the first time they walk through our doors to their present state. It’s so fun to see, firsthand, the development of confidence and strength in an individual, all while knowing they’re improving their health and wellness for years to come.”






“I enjoy coaching to help people be a better, healthier version of themselves, and achieve their fitness goals.”





“I love seeing new CrossFitters progress and tackle things they never thought possible. I love seeing women, particularly, become empowered when they see just how strong they really are.”



CF-L2, CF-Weightlifting


“Hi I don’t think we met yet, I’m Andy! I often call CrossFit an ‘off leash area for adults,’ and each coach provides their own unique perspective to help maximize fun and fitness. I aim to provide insights from my career in science and engineering to help athletes engage in the movements, as well as create a fun and welcoming environment.”





“I enjoy being a coach because I am able to work with our members face-to-face and see the growth they demonstrate. Working with teens specifically gives me a unique opportunity to get them excited about fitness and improving themselves. I get so excited for my athletes when I see them lift a weight they never thought they would be able to or do a movement that they weren't able to do when they started.”





“My favorite thing about coaching CrossFit is making fitness fun so people come back wanting more! I believe that working out consistently with quality movement leads to a better life both mentally and physically, and I just love being a part of that!”



CF-L2, USAW Level 1


“CrossFit is for Everyone! It’s one of my favorite aspects of this sport and I love showing people that when I’m coaching. I’ve always been active, but have found a new passion for fitness later in life with CrossFit. I find such a unique challenge in Olympic Style weight lifting. I love learning all I can about it and passing that along to my athletes.”



*Coach Mac is currently taking time away from coaching to focus on his passions.


“My favorite thing about coaching CrossFit is helping people reach their fitness goals within a supportive environment.  I also enjoy the sense of community we have at Rohkeus.  This is a place where you can prioritize your physical health while building supportive friendships.”





“There’s a lot of things I enjoy about coaching, but my favorite is watching people have fun. Life can be stressful and knowing I had a small part in making someone’s day better is very rewarding. I also enjoy watching people improve their fitness, do a skill for the first time, and hit PRs!”



You Are Fit Enough!

"I'm not fit enough to do CrossFit."

We hear this statement often, and it is 100% wrong.

Our coach led classes will guide you through each workout, and all movements can be modified to meet you at your current fitness level.

Once you take your first step through our door, we will accompany you along your fitness journey. A journey that leads to strength, confidence, and friendship.

It's time to take that first step and join us today!

We Have The BEST Community!

Do you have people in your corner that not only support you, but also have similar health and fitness goals?

Whether it's your first day or your 5th year with us, we all share one common goal at CrossFit Rohkeus: to better our lives through fitness!

When you join us, you gain a community unlike any other: people supporting you, cheering you on as you push yourself to your limits, only to find you're stronger than what you thought capable.

It's time for you to join us, and you too can come for the workout, stay for the community, and enjoy more of your life!

It's time for you to take the journey with us and become part of our community!

We offer a free 1 week trial for you to test us out...and fall in love!




Member Testimonials

Amber R.

"Tonight was my first experience with CrossFit and I couldn't have found a better gym! The coaches, the workouts made to accommodate any skill level, the camaraderie, and inviting community are all part of what is bringing me back tomorrow and the next day!!!!!" 

Sarah S.

"Have had a great experience at Rohkeus! Everyone is welcoming and there is a focus on quality over quantity. I've learned a lot about gymnastics, barbell work and developed as a person and an athlete. Definitely recommend giving it a try if you're looking to switch up your workout routine or want accountability and support."

Lauren F.

"CrossFit Rohkeus has been a welcoming environment since day one. The coaches are so knowledgeable and have helped me modify movements to adapt to my ability level. Members and coaches alike put in the extra time to teach and assist learning new skills. I've grown tremendously since joining Rohkeus! Really thankful to have found this gym and community of people."

Linda P.

"First timer at CrossFit and first time I have ever taken a group class. Had a great experience and can't wait to go back! You won't find another facility in Ocon that can provide the type of functional fitness that is needed to improve your lifestyle Rohkeus can. Plus the members there were amazing with encouraging me as I was pushed outside my comfort zone! Everyone at CrossFit Rohkeus made me feel comfortable, welcome and wanting more."

Kaitlin K.

"After trying several gyms out, CrossFit Rohkeus has felt the most like family to me. The coaches are phenomenal, the people at the gym are supportive and welcoming. Everything about the gym's environment makes you motivated. Always clean!"

Jeff M.

"I've been a member of CrossFit Rohkeus for some time. I can't speak more favorably about the members, the coaches, owners, and the gym. Clean, comfortable, and a great group of people that will drive you to accomplish what you once believed was impossible. I'd give this place 6 stars if I could."

Brandon S.

"Great place to workout! Been here for years. Owners and coaches are great. Members are fun to be around. Facilities are nice. Easy place to drop in or join. Would recommend to anyone."

Amber B.

"Best decision I made for my fitness goals! We are colleagues, family and friends! The coaches and members always support your health and form and have a variety of ways to help you succeed." 

Brad G.

"Explore it for your curiosity; enjoy it for the workouts; keep coming back for the family, camaraderie and friendly competition. It's more than just another gym- it's more like a hobby with benefits."

Ashley S.

"Great coaching! Great community! Great facility! Truly a wonderful CrossFit gym for the fitness community. Workouts scaled to all abilities & super family friendly! :)"

Colin T.

"I have been training here for the last 2.5 years. The facility, equipment, coaching, programming, people, and community are great. I have forged many relationships I would not have otherwise. I am grateful I made the decision to walk through the door."

Elizabeth K.

"If you want a gym to call home, CrossFit Rohkeus has it! I love the community and the opportunity to celebrate each one strengths and abilities! Check this place out!"

Ben F.

"This is unlike anything I've ever experienced. They push you to your limits.... YOUR limits not a standard "everyone" limit. Your personal limit. They encourage you, they guide you, and they make you feel like you're part of the family. Kudos to Rohkeus for making me feel like I'm part of something great. Can't wait for my next workout! Go Rohkeus!"

Levi L.

"Started working out with Rohkeus in March of this year, doing a once a week, one on one training session; to supplement my existing work out regimen. I wanted to work on some specific areas to improve my OCR performance and they developed a plan to help me with this.

After hitting a couple weeks where I was able to come in and work with some small groups as well, it really opened me up to the idea of in class competition....pushing me even more.

I felt like I was in decent shape before I started working with Rohkeus, but I'll be honest, I haven't been pushed so much as I was this last week. I was in the gym with him 5 out of 6 days. Every single day they are pushing me and helping me make it through the workouts (along with other members). Every day when I was done, all I could think about is getting back in there the next day.

The coaches cares about the members and will help you achieve your goals...no matter where you are in your journey."

Sharon D.

"I have been going to CrossFit for two years. I have improved in strength, endurance, and flexibility. The coaches are very knowledgeable and supportive. I look forward to my daily workouts." 

Michelle K.

"Fantastic gym. Plenty of space, lots of equipment, great coaches, and a supportive community."

Nick W.

"Coaches are very knowledgeable and look forward to helping every athlete, no matter their level, achieve and supersede their fitness goals."