Yoga classes will be on Monday and Thursday evenings 7-8 pm and Thursday mornings 5-5:30 am, as part of the mobility WOD.

A few words from Rachel:

“I have been an orthopedic physical therapist for the past 8 years and teaching yoga since 2014. As a physical therapist I have experienced many forms of fitness over the years and yoga is truly for everyone. From learning to simply breathe to allowing for your body to stretch and strengthen while making an effort to be present in the current moment. A little bit of yoga can do the body and mind a lot of good. It is the perfect cross training to provide any CrossFit athlete with better mobility and stability in their lifts.

My family is new to Oconomowoc and we are loving this little community. I am excited to share my passion for yoga with all of the CrossFit Rohkeus family!”