CrossFit is a workout methodology based on constantly-varied high intensity movements that help everyday life. The reason CrossFit works is because your body never adapts to any one movement, thereby keeping the effect of any given day’s workout at maximum – and you never get bored. The intensity that everyone takes part in ends up galvanizing our supportive community.

With proper coaching and a true understanding of one’s limits, CrossFit is as safe (if not safer) than any other form of fitness training. ANYTHING you do in life can injure you if you don’t do it correctly or haven’t taken into consideration your level of fitness, flexibility, or health. Runners get shin splints, tennis players get tennis elbow, strength trainers get strains, basketball players get sprained ankles, couch potatoes get obesity, high blood pressure, and coronaries. If you’re spending too much time on the couch right now, that’s hurting you, too!

At CrossFit Rohkeus our trainers have years of training experience.  We will instill Technique BEFORE Intensity. We will keep you safe by having a watchful eye on you during your entire WOD. By increasing your strength and flexibility, we will actually make it harder for you to get hurt! CrossFit done properly, is both safe and effective.

One of my favorite quotes is this: “If you think you can’t do something, you can’t.” The person who told you CrossFit was too challenging for you might not be up for the challenge, but I’m guessing you’re reading this because other options have failed you in the past. The answer to your question is a resounding “No.”

One of the beauties of CrossFit is that it is infinitely scalable, which means that we can tailor any movement we ask our members to do to meet your current level of fitness. Every new member will talk to one of our coaches about their health history, current body issues, and short and long term goals so that we can help you reach them. It turns out that Olympians and 80-year-olds (and everyone in between) can benefit from CrossFit, the only difference is the prescribed scale for the movements.

CrossFit is filled with TLA (Three Letter Acronyms) and plenty of confusing terms that seem to blend together, sound the same or just cause a blank look when reading the whiteboard. Here’s a guide to the most common:

  • AHAP: As Heavy As Possible
  • AMRAP: As Many Rounds (or Reps) as Possible
  • BS: Back squat
  • BTWB: Beyond the Whiteboard. A website for tracking your WOD’s.
  • BW (or BWT): Body weight
  • CFT: CrossFit Total (A best of three attempts at a 1RM of (Press/DL/BS)
  • CF: CrossFit
  • CFHQ: CrossFit Headquarters
  • CFWU:CrossFit Warm-up
  • CLN: Clean
  • C&J: Clean and jerk
  • C2: Concept II rowing machine
  • DFL: Dead F’ing Last
  • DL: Deadlift
  • DNF: Did Not Finish
  • EMFM: Every Minute For a Minute
  • EMOM: Every Minute on the Minute
  • FS: Front squat
  • GHD: Glute hamstring developer. A device that allows for posterior chain exercise, such as a hip extension, sit-up or a back extension.
  • GPP: General physical preparedness, aka “fitness.”
  • HC: Hang Clean
  • HSPU: Hand stand push up. Kick up into a handstand (use wall for balance, if needed) bend arms until nose touches floor and push back up.
  • HSC: Hang squat clean. Start with bar “at the hang,” about knee height. Initiate pull. As the bar rises drop into a full squat and catch the bar in the racked position. From there, rise to a standing position
  • IF: Intermittent Fasting
  • KB: Kettlebell
  • KTE: Knees to elbows. Similar to TTBs described below.
  • MetCon: Metabolic Conditioning workout
  • MU: Muscle ups. Hanging from rings you do a combination pull-up and dip so you end in an upright support.
  • OHS: Overhead squat. Full-depth squat performed while arms are locked out in a wide grip press position above the head and in line or slightly behind the ears.
  • PC: Power clean
  • Pd: Pood, weight measure for kettlebells
  • PR: Personal record
  • PP: Push press
  • PJ: Push Jerk
  • PSN: Power snatch
  • PU: Pull-ups, possibly push ups depending on the context
  • Rep: Repetition. One performance of an exercise.
  • Rx’d; as Rx’d: As prescribed; as written. WOD done without any adjustments.
  • RM: Repetition maximum. Your 1RM is your max lift for one rep. Your 10 RM is the most you can lift 10 times. (Commonly found in WOD’s as 1RM/3RM/5RM etc.)
  • SC: Squat Clean
  • SDHP: Sumo Deadlift High Pull 
  • Set: A number of repetitions. e.g., 3 sets of 10 reps, often seen as 3×10, means do 10 reps, rest, repeat, rest, repeat.
  • SPP: Specific physical preparedness, aka skill training.
  • SN: Snatch
  • SQ: Squat
  • Subbed: Substituted. The CORRECT use of “subbed,” as in “substituted,” is, “I subbed an exercise I can do for one I can’t,” For example,if you can’t do a HSPU, you subbed regular push-ups. 
  • TTB: Toes to bar. Hang from bar. Bending only at waist raise your toes to touch the bar, slowly lower them and repeat.
  • WO, sometimes W/O: Workout
  • WOD: Workout of the day
  • # : Symbol for pounds or lbs.
  • ” : Symbol for inches
  • ‘ : Symbol for feet

Other Terms:

  • The “Girls” : A series of benchmark workouts created by CFHQ that are universally known among the CF community. 
  • The “Heroes” :  A Hero workout is a tribute workout in honor of a fallen CrossFitter (either Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine, Firefighter, Police officer) that died in the line of duty. They are tough and among the most difficult of WOD’s. 

"Scalable" means that we can adapt the workout to suit your (read: anyone’s) level of fitness and ability. A scaled workout simply means “adjusted movements to account for an individual’s ability”! It doesn’t matter if you’re 96 or 6 years old, there is a way to do each and every workout in a challenging and safe way.

Part of the CrossFit Rohkeus experience is not only the physical results from the workouts, but our amazing community of members that work together, encourage one another, and celebrate reaching goals together! There is no confusing equipment or unwelcoming members/staff. Coaches/trainers are always on hand to help you with movements, and our members help one another as well. We want our members to feel good about their achievements and be a part of a greater community looking to change and improve their lives in a positive way. We work closely with all new members to teach foundational movements and bring everyone up to speed safely and effectively.  CrossFit Rohkeus welcomes all new members with open arms!

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Read a few testimonials from real members!

CrossFit Rohkeus is committed to three tenets: Technique, Intensity, and Community. Without proper technique, you won’t be able to transition to performing with great intensity. It’s the way we keep you safe from injury.

The Fundamentals class is a way for new members to learn the fundamental CrossFit movements and for any of our members to continue improving their technique.

No, don’t worry! We hear this question a lot, but it is a common misconception. CrossFit is not a bodybuilding system. We do not lift any weights with the sole intention of inflating our muscles, although you will see improved tone and definition (that’s a good thing!). In fact, most female CrossFit athletes are well built, but very lean.

YES, you may still able to participate in our classes with an injury or disability. In our classes, members are taught proper form and movement which can help in the rehabilitation process and promote healing. We will work with you and the injury to provide you with a safe and functional training environment. Members with disabilities may also participate in what’s known as “Adaptive CrossFit,” utilizing adjusted movements to accommodate for an individual’s disabilities.  Contact us to find out more information.

Originally, CrossFit was meant to supplement your life and make you better at your other activities. However it has, itself, turned into the "Sport of Fitness". CrossFit has its own CrossFit Games with everyone having a fair and equal chance of making it to the elite finals. Growth has been exponential since 2007 (when the Games started) with over 380,000 athletes participating in 2017!

Absolutely! Even better, we'll offer you a whole week free to try us out. You'll see pretty quickly what's so great about our box and our community.

No.  Since we moved to our new location at 662 Armour Road, we do not have showers... Yet..  We plan on adding them in the future, but for now, we do not.

Children 13 years of age or older can participate in any of our CrossFit classes (with a parent's permission, of course). Exceptions for children under 13 may be made on a case-by-case basis at the Coach’s discretion based on maturity and dedication of the child.

We also have age-specific classes for middle school / high school kids, 6-10 year-olds, and preschoolers (3-5).

YES! We have a kids area (not baby-sitting) where your kids can play while you work out. The play area is within eyesight of the workout area.

Sure - we'd love to have you join us! The only prerequisite is that you have some CrossFit experience (3 months +).

The drop in fee is $20 for a class or $30 if you also want a CrossFit Rohkeus t-shirt.

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