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A lot of boxes talk about community, but at CrossFit Rohkeus, it is what defines us. We treat fitness as a lifestyle, not a hobby.

As soon as you walk through our doors you feel at home, welcomed by all and accepted from day one regardless of your fitness level or CrossFit experience.  The reason this happens is our coaches, believe in form over heavy weights, and scaling for every level of athlete.  At our box, it doesn't matter if it's day 1 or year 3 of your CrossFit journey, because you will be treated the same and pushed to your limits.

As you perfect form the coaches increase the load.  As you get faster, we push you harder.  We meet you where you are, but take you places you didn't know you could go.

People come for the workout, but they stay for the community.  Come see for yourself.


Most of the photos on our website are courtesy of one of our coaches, Jake Schaefer. Be sure to check out his facebook page.  He is a talented photographer and videographer and we are proud to have him as a Rohkee!


Kids/Teens Class Schedule after Labor Day

Interested in classes for your kids? Click here to sign up.

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Overhead Mobility Workshop at CrossFit Rohkeus – Sept. 21, 2019

Curious if you have the mobility necessary to perform overhead lifts like a snatch, jerk, or push press with proper technique? Feel a little wobbly in the bottom of an overhead squat? Want to learn some new mobility exercises?

Come to an hour-long workshop on overhead mobility at CrossFit Rohkeus on September 21st at 10AM with Sarah Sawall, DPT! You'll learn how to assess your own mobility to determine where your strong and weak points are as well as specific exercises to target your weaknesses!

There is no need to be a member of CrossFit Rohkeus. All are welcome! Feel free to stay afterwards to discuss any specific mobility concerns or discomfort you have!

Click here for more information about Resilience RX Physical Therapy and Dr. Sarah Sawall.

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CrossFit Rohkeus Nutrition Seminar Sept. 7, 2019

If you are interested in learning more about nutrition and health, I will be holding a seminar on September 7th at 10:00am.

So, if you’re new here or you just want to learn more about how to fuel your body, this will be for you! Non-members welcome too!

I will be spending some time on macronutrients, calories, and how to log using MyFitnessPal. I will also teach you the foods to add to meals and how to fill your plate so you don’t need to weigh and log everyday for the rest of your life. I will explain how to add healthy foods to replace unhealthy foods.

There will be plenty of time for questions. Anyone is welcome, so if your spouse is the one who cooks or just wants to learn, bring him/her along.

Remember nutrition is the foundation to health and fitness!

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Resilience RX Physical Therapy at CrossFit Rohkeus

Starting July 8th, on Monday evenings, Dr. Sarah Sawall will be providing one-hour free physical therapy evaluations at CrossFit Rohkeus!

Sarah owns and operates Resilience RX, which is a local business that provides high quality physical therapy as well as a variety of fitness and wellness services. She is passionate about empowering athletes to build resilience and strength in order to accomplish their fitness goals.

These free one-hour physical therapy evaluations are for those who have an injury or nagging discomfort. Dr. Sarah Sawall is a licensed medical professional who takes a fitness-forward approach. Her goal is to help you keep doing what you are passionate about - whether it’s staying in the gym, running a 5K, boating on the water, or playing with your kiddos.

Questions? Want to sign up? Text 262-204-7284 and we’ll put your name down!

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